Geographic classification

This basaltic island is one of the « hot spots » of the planet, whose geothermal resources have not yet been developed although initial investigations shows favorable thermal conditions in the valleys Géo2D is presently working with Electerre de France in its strategy of the development of this potential.

Although they are generally deep-seated under sea, mid oceanic ridges are the sites with maximum geothermal energy release. . They however can be touched on land in Iceland and Açores, making available a remarkable potential for geothermal development. In the Açores (notably Sao Miguel and Terceira), Géo2D contributed to the process of identifying new resources, so we have technical and geographic expertise in this area.

Our knowledge of geothermal resources potential extends all around Mediterranean, in Yemen, and South East Asia, down to Vanuatu and Polynesia. Géo2D has worked in these regions with various organisations including BRGM, BEICIP, ELF, TOTAL, PERTAMINA and PLN so has extensive relevant expertise for the development of geothermal energy.

Géo2D contributed to The Latin America Energy Organisation’s (OLADE’s) definition of geothermal exploration methodology and identification of the resources in most countries of the region including the Caribbean arc (notably Dominica and its southern extension on land in Venezuela. We therefore have capacity to provide relevant advisory services to geothermal energy developers.

Although endowed with among the best geothermal resources of the world, Japan has historically relied on nuclear power. In view of the Fukushima nuclear incident, Géo2D has capacity to play an advisory role related to identification of Japan’s most favourable geothermal sites as alternative energy sources.

With three years’ continuous presence in China at the core of the Chinese science and technology, Géo2D has both an in-depth knowledge of the country and strong, active relations for business-oriented partnerships and collaboration.

Kenya leads the pack in Africa as the country that has decided to rely on geothermal resources for its development. Géo2D aims to contribute to this process by collaborating (in partnership with various reputable European-based firms) with key stakeholders in Kenya’s geothermal sectors through innovative initiatives, capacity-building as well as Research & Development. Géo2D currently partners with Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) in providing geothermal energy-oriented capacity-building to Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (KenGen) and Geothermal Development Company (GDC) staff.

Having been involved in geological research efforts since in Ethiopia since the 1970’s has enabled Géo2D to engage in related development initiatives in the country such as the inventory-creation of geothermal potential of the country with UNDP support, feasibility studies in partnership with the Italian Cooperation and more recently with Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD). A teaching stint at Addis-Ababa University facilitated the establishment of strong links with leading Ethiopian and Eritrean geologists., Géo2D looks to contribute to the development of Ethiopia’s geothermal resources, which are among the most important on planet earth.

With geothermal work experience in Djibouti dating back to the 1970s, an in-depth understanding of the field and its potential resources and several geothermal projects initiated (in the fields of geothermal, mineral deposits and groundwater applications) under a contract with Djibouti’s Ministry of Energy, Water and Mineral Resources between 2011 and 2013, Géo2D has credible expertise in this geographic area.

The Afar region is a vast desert covering lowlands in 3 countries of Eastern Africa (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti). It is the only place in the world where an active oceanic ridge enters a continent and is visibly emerged. With more than 10 years of detailed geological activity and cartography in this arid zone, Géo2D has unique knowledge of the Afar region that can contribute richly to other development areas (such as t geothermal energy, mineral resources, groundwater, policy formulation, community projects, etc ).

The edification of the economic and political European community should ensure a harmonized knowledge and management of geological resources of all member states. Engagement efforts made during the last 20 years are presently used by Géo2D through advisory services made available for geological surveys targeting countries aiming to improve their geological systems. These include countries in the process of joining EU (eg. Ukraine) or developing countries interested in the European experience.

The South-Eastern border of French Massif Central is famous for its remarkably rich geology and biodiversity. Historically, the early inhabitants of this region are remembered for embracing the Reformation faith, for their culture of freedom and resistance to the resulting oppression. Human activity has transformed the landscape of this region, with these historical characteristics influencing the changes.

Over the years, Géo2D has exhibited its recognition of this extraordinary gift that France has as part of its heritage by providing advisory services geared towards the preservation of Cevennes National Park, MAB Zone and the UNESCO site located in this region.

Taking advantage of Italy’s pioneering role in the exploitation of geothermal resources Géo2D’s founder (Dr Varet) initial work and professional contact was with some of the most respected Italians in the field of Geology, particularly Giorgio Marinelli (University of Pisa) and Franco Barberi (now at University of Roma III). Scientific materials and resources developed as a result of these contacts are now used in public policy formulation (for example by Tuscany Regional Council) and decision-making related to development of a variety of possible applications (ie electricity, heat, thermal or minerals applications) in the peninsula. Our clients in this geographic area have included Electerre de France.

Due to its rich geological structure, French Massif Central contains various types of unexploited and undeveloped natural resources. These are minerals as well as hydro- or geothermal resources.

Based on its extensive knowledge and expertise of volcanic and tectonic events affecting Auvergne, Géo2D provides advisory services to developers in this region, with Electerre de France as our main client.